The Earth is made of Magic.
Come experience some of it with me!

Personalized Shopping, Workshops, Events and more with Certified Master Crystologist, Energy Worker, Essential Oils Connoisseur and Spiritual Reverend Laurelle Rethke. Laurelle also provides Vibrational Healing Therapies and Personal & Spiritual Growth consultations in The Faerie Den space through 5 Sense Healing.

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The Earth is a physical manifestation of the Divine, and her gifts are tools that connect us more deeply with ourselves and the Divine within us.

When we apply the law of signatures, we find that crystals will shift us on the constitutional level because they are a large part of the constitution of the Earth–but the constitution of the Earth is not only its physical layers. It’s also the essence or Spirit of the Earth. Crystals therefore not only shift our physical structure but our very essence itself, guiding us towards greater holistic harmony and a deeper connection with our own divinity within.
-Laurelle Rethke


“Meeting Laurelle was an absolute turning point in my life. It was almost synchronistic that when I decided to deepen my study of stones and crystals, she was there, ready to help me in my journey. Whenever I bring her my curiosity about them and the natural world, Laurelle’s passion and bounty of information is poured out in volumes, with the bright sparkle of knowing & a deep wisdom gleaming in her eyes. She loves to share her knowledge, but even more than that, she loves to infect her clients and friends with her cheer and optimism! She has been my teacher, my mentor, and incredibly compassionate friend, always opening her doors with a kind smile. Whether it is healing, information, or a kindred spirit you seek, you will find it at The Faerie Den!”

Ariel Beck • NYC and up and down the East Coast

Faerie Den Certified Crystal Healer ••• Crystal Jewelry Designer at Wear The Golden, Wear the Golden

“The first time I met Laurelle was at the Faerie Den and I was floored by the variety of crystals she had, along with her pleasant energy. I was referred to her by someone I had met at a company I once worked for, due to my interest in a particular crystal piece that my associate was certain she had. Laurelle and The Faerie Den exceeded my expectations. She puts so much care and courtesy into her craft that you can’t help but to have a fantastical experience when in her presence. It was because of our first interaction with one another that I became a Spiritual Enlightenment Coach. She allowed for me to get a feel of the crystals in the room. Throughout me touring the crystals – I held a round flat quartz crystal in my hand. From that point I energetically time traveled into a past experience which ultimately changed my perception of life for the better! I highly recommend your experience with Laurelle, she is a trusted energy source.”

Cheyenne Maxey • NYC

Faerie Den Customer ••• Spiritual Enlightenment Coach and Energy Healer, Cheyenne Maxey's Website

“Your crystals don’t look like a shop.
They look like a shrine. A place of pilgramage.”

Frank Menusan • NYC

Carrier of the Pipe in the Muskogee Tradition, Native Flautist, Teacher of Native Muskogee Traditions and Native American Stone Medicine

When I came upon Laurelle’s business from doing a local search for crystals, little did I know I’d fortuitously found something much bigger, almost life-changing. Her incredible knowledge of stones and crystals notwithstanding, she is foremost a healer, a true masterful and calming voice that will guide you where you need to be. I’ve had two energy healings from Laurelle to date. Should you choose this, you will be in the presence of a kind soul that listens with the clearest and most commanding attention — she gets you and knows exactly where/how your energy needs to be aligned. After my most recent healing where I needed to clear blocking and find a faster pathway to my goal, l left the Faerie Den feeling enlightened, joyful. Within 10 minutes, I received an email from the film executive I had been waiting to hear from. I literally had to step aside on my walk up Broadway to stop and re-read what I was seeing. If you are open to hearing and receiving guidance from masters, then look no further. Her generosity of spirit, her words, and her energy will be a wonderful thing. I also did a phone energy guidance, so if you are not in NYC, please know you are present with her at any time or place.”

Gina J.K. • NYC

Faerie Den Customer ••• Actor, Screenwriter, Producer

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