The Faerie Den Shop

Described as a haven in the middle of midtown Manhattan, Laurelle’s home shop and wellness suite is filled with crystals, healing energy and love. This intimate respite is the center of many events, workshops and meditations.

Enjoy a private shopping experience with Laurelle* right in her midtown Manhattan home. Browse her beautifully diverse curated collection of hand selected crystals, organic essential oils, sacred woods, resins, crystal jewelry, and other healing tools by Appointment.


*The shop offers private shopping experiences with Certified Master Crystologist,

Energy Healer, and Spiritual Growth Consultant Laurelle Rethke*

Message Laurelle to get the exact address, and come play with us in The Faerie Den!

By Appointment
Text or Phone Laurelle

Laurelle creates custom wire wrapped jewelry pieces for $60-$75 for a single stone.
Inquire with her for details.
More photos of some Jewelry she’s created below testimonials

Praise for Laurelle and The Faerie Den

“Laurelle has the greatest crystal collection I’ve ever seen.  If you are in NYC, I recommend checking it out.”
Phil Ristaino

Actor, Singer, Lyricist, Artist, Podcaster, These Are Dreams

“I feel so great today after spending time in The Faerie Den!  Something was up for a couple of days, but I think you waved away some intereference with the Selenite… I felt more like myself.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful and powerful gems.”
Ben Lang

Crystal and Reiki Practitioner

“It’s always great to stop by The Faerie Den… always so warm and cozy 🙂 
Loving my new crystals.  Looking forward to seeing you again soon!”


Raphael, NJ

“You’re so compassionate.  Such grace in how you handled each person (at the busy sale)… 
You treated all with integrity.”


Terry Payne, NYC


“One-stop shopping for every metaterrestrial on the planet.”
Anthony Kozikowski

Comedian, Chess Master, and Metaterrestrial