Meditation Workshops, Talks, and Private Guidance


There is so much confusion around this subject, yet meditation is an integral tool that assists us to center and ground our energy, focus our mind, and raise our conscious understanding. Many start down this journey, then quickly give up because our mind can become more active when we ask it to be quiet. However meditation encompasses so much more within it than just quieting the mind, and it can be a simpler process than you may think. Laurelle offers tools, varied meditation modalities, and new perceptions to assist you to find the stillness within needed to open to your own “Inner Buddha”.


Meditation 101

Find your path to inner peace

Are you new to meditation or uncomfortable with it?  Do you have basic questions or are experiencing bumps in the road?  Come discuss and explore meditation with us in a safe, supported space… for even those of us who struggle most can find a path to inner peace and greater connection.  Meditation time included… drop in for one class or all.

Previously taught at The Cayce Center in NYC; The Faerie Den in NYC
This is a 2-4 hour workshop or ongoing class

Meditation Modalities

Explore methods to find your Personal Connection to Stillness

From sitting cross-legged to movement based methods, this discussion and experiential workshop explores different ideas and modalities to help you bring in your own ‘inner buddha’.

Previously taught at The Cayce Center in NYC; The Faerie Den in NYC
This is a 6 hour workshop or ongoing series

Meditating with Source

Insights on using anatomy to connect more deeply with Ourselves & All That Is

Explore your physical connections to Source through your three dan tiens and the intelligence of your heart – and learn how to use these insights to deepen your meditation practice and create a constant connection.

Previously taught at The Cayce Center & The Faerie Den, NYC
This is a 1-2 hour workshop

Spiritual Self-Awareness and Metaphysical Medicine

Shifting out of pain into Peace and Joy by Healing the Mind, Emotions, Body and Spirit

Changing the way we think will change our life. In this workshop, we will explore how our thoughts, emotions, and spiritual outlook affect physical health and true healing. Including philosophies and techniques on different ways to think and feel about challenges that come up in your life in order to heal your mind, spirit, emotions and body – plus meditations to assist Full Spectrum Healing.

Previously taught at The Faerie Den, NYC
This is a 2-3
hour workshop or 1 hour talk

Intro to Zhineng Medical Qigong

Zhineng Qigong is the ChiLel version of medical Qigong founded by Dr. Pang Ming. This moving meditation and philosophy was used at the famous “medicine-less hospital” in China in the 1990’s, and has been medically proven to heal any type of dis-ease through exercise, connection, and life-force energy.

Learn the basic principles of this practice (featured in Gregg Bradens’ “Quantum Healing of Tumor” video), and how to use this energy to bring healing yourself and your loved ones. Become familiar with the “lift chi up and pour chi down” exercises by following along, and learn how to open and expand your Chi Field to increase your energy and bring in aligned healing.

Please dress for light movement comfortably.

Previously taught at Meta-Mystic Weekend in Sierra Hot Springs CA The Faerie Den and Central Park in NYC; and as Qigong Forest Bath at Ad Astara–StarSeed Crystal Activation Retreat in Ellenville NY
This is a 1-2 hour workshop or a class series

StarDrop™ Transmissions and Guided Instruction

Join Laurelle as she guides you into the star realms to receive a Transmission of LightCode Frequencies that connect us more profoundly with Source and the Stars. These energetic activations spiritually attune us with the Central Star to bring light and even a lightness into our being—recalibrating us to our original energetic blueprint.

Cleansing, clearing, regenerative, and potentially life changing, this particular vibrational frequency works to reset us on the cellular and energetic levels, with the energy flowing to wherever it is most needed in our lives… including a personal connection with our Star Selves. A simple yet powerful way to bring transformative change into your life, this enlightening meditation will connect you with pure Source code and help you to embody your star connection in order to bring you home to yourself.

Previously offered at The Faerie Den in NYC; Ad Astara–StarSeed Crystal Activation Retreat in Ellenville, NY
This is a 1-2 hour workshop

Central Park "Forest Bathing"

Experience communing more deeply with nature and the ancient wisdom within her to release stress and help your body to heal itself naturally.

Spend some time with me in central park exploring the principals and practices of Forest Bathing locally so you might incorporate them wherever in nature you roam. Including guidance, meditations and movements that will assist you to open your 5 Senses to the magical healing influence of nature, and more fully understand how this practice can benefit your everyday life.

Please dress for light movement comfortably.

Previously offered in Central Park NYC and Prospect Park, Brooklyn
This is a 1-2 hour workshop or class series

Connecting Deeply with The Natural World

Science, Techniques, Forest Bathing and Empowerment

Methods to feel your connection to Yourself, The Earth and All That Is.  From the science behind connecting (it’s really good for your health!), to actual techniques to open you to the subtle energies of the world that is all around you, we will link to both the earth and the  galactic energies… for as above, so below.

Previously offered at The Faerie Den in NYC; Central Park, NYC
This is a 1-2 hour workshop or an ongoing class

There are many things I wish to offer through this page… hence it is still under construction!
For now, just know that I offer workshops, classes, and private or semi-private meditation and Spiritual Reverend services to assist you to connect more fully with Yourself and The Natural World.

In the future I hope to have audio & video, plus a breakdown of various meditation services.
Until then, please feel free to contact me for further details.