There is so much confusion around this subject, yet meditation is an integral tool that assists us to focus our mind and raise our conscious understanding. Many start down this journey, then quickly give up because our mind can become more active when we ask it to be quiet. However meditation encompasses so much more within it than just quieting the mind, and it can be a simpler process than you may think. Laurelle offers tools, varied meditation modalities, and new perceptions to assist you to find the stillness within, and open to your own “Inner Buddha”.


There are many things I will offer through this page… hence it is still under construction!
For now, just know that I offer private and semi-private meditation and Spiritual Reverend services to assist you to connect more fully with Yourself and The Natural World.

In the near future I will have audio & video, plus a breakdown of various meditation services.
Until then, please feel free to contact me for further details.

1 hour sessions • $90
90 minute sessions • $120
2 hour sessions • $150
30 minute sessions • $60