Astrology Essentials

Are you interested in bringing a fuller understanding of Astrology and how it affects you personally into your world?
Join Laurelle to learn the basic building blocks and how they relate to your own personal map of the stars at the time of your birth.
Seating limited to 9 when held at The Faerie Den


We’ll start with the story of the Signs.
This simple story will help you to remember the signs and establish their relationship to the planets & houses, which is the crux of Astrological understanding. Next we’ll explore the meaning of the astronomical position of the planets in relation to each other. Then we’ll move on to what the Symbols in Astrology mean, how the Elements & Modes influence things, the Cardinal Cross & Quadrants of the chart (plus their deeper connections), Aspects of the planets in relation to each other in your chart, the Moon’s Nodes (including the significance of the dragon’s tale), and cover several key Asteroids… all while applying these principles to your own natal charts. Lastly we will interpret our own charts and those of public figures. 

By the end of the workshop you will have the tools you need to be able to start interpreting your chart, and the charts of your friends & loved ones. You will posses all you need to start your own personal journey into the world of Astrology, including deepening your connection to the Universe, and the personal alchemical transformation that comes with the understanding of this wisdom.

•Weekend Intensives and Weekly Courses available•


Laurelle has been a student of Astrology for over 20 years, learning from many teachers and friends along the way. She has been teaching workshops on the subject since 2012

Laurelle holds workshops on this subject approximately once a year, or by request.

Private and semi-private classes are also available by contacting her at 917-406-0225

The Faerie Den
West 55th Street • NYC