Stones by Chakra
the healing properties of crystals

Below are some photos and lists of stones you can use by chakra.  This is not a complete list of stones you can use for each of these chakras, but does include some more rare stones as well as common ones.  As always, if you are called to use a stone on a certain chakra, and it is not listed on this list, give it a try.  Your intuition is always a stronger choice than following someones list.  It also opens you to communicating more freely with the stones.  Just make sure you are using a grounding stone (smokey quartz is especially good in this case), and proceed with caution. 😉 rocks, stone medicine, crystal healing, stone therapy, holistic healing, alternative therapies, vibrational medicine, metaphysics, metaphysical, wellness, chakra stones


Crown Chakra

Location • Top of the head to 12″ above

The Crown Chakra is considered the point of consciousness… the gateway, or temple of heaven. Represented in Eastern traditions as the 1000 petal lotus, the flower is in its fullest and most abundant bloom; open to Divine Source’s light, with all of heaven’s gifts around it. This is the peak of self-realization and connection with the Infinite All That Is.

Stones & Crystals- Top to bottom: albantine aragonite, apophyllite, precious opal, spirit quartz, sugilite on lavender optical calcite, lepidolite, selenite, shell slice

Left to right: amethyst cluster, goshenite, scolecite, vessuvianite, sugilite on lavender optical calcite, hexagonite, stillbite, quartz merkabah, angelite

Top left to bottom right: rhodozite, purpurite, seraphinite, celestite, datolite, sugilite on lavender optical calcite, prehnite, tree agate, stichtite, white calcite, charoite, rhodizite

Bottom left to top right: rhodizite, phosphosiderite, ulexite, rutilated quartz, lavender amethyst, angel wing anhydrite, sugilite on lavender optical calcite, blue kyanite, chromium amesite, magnesite, cacoxenite in amethyst, rhodizite

The rest from 1-3pm: danburite, barite, faden quartz, phenacite, shattuckite, angel aura quartz

The rest from 3-6pm: Herkimer, azeztulite, #starseed & #recordkeeper quartz, petalite, golden selenite, candle quartz lightbrary

The rest from 6-9pm: topaz, crystalline selenite, scepter quartz, rainbow moonstone, Ohio celestite, white phantom quartz

The rest from 9-12: elestial & skeletal fenster quartz, hollandite in quartz, lemurian quartz, white smithsonite, girasol, fairy quartz

Third Eye Chakra

Location • the Upper Dan Tien, or lower to middle forehead

The seat of wisdom, intellect and psychic development, the third eye is associated with the Pineal Gland in the center of the skull. Dr. Rick Strassman has hypothesized that the pineal gland, which maintains light sensitivity, is responsible for the production and release of DMT, an entheogen which he believes could be excreted in large quantities at the moments of birth and death. (Wikipedia)

Simply put, this is the gateway to other dimensions, higher consciousness, and the inner realms. It symbolizes the state of enlightenment, clairvoyance & precognition, and is considered by many to be the Christ Consciousness Center.

This is the spot where dualities converge. Here we unite the two hemispheres of the brain – reasoning with intuition, the linear with the abstract, wisdom with understanding, ego with spirit, the pineal & pituitary glands, and yin & yang. Through letting go of attachments, expectations and distractions in the physical world, we can attain a Divine relationship with Spirit. This is the kundalini’s destination, where the snake unfurls. A balanced third eye chakra represents being in your infinite potential.

Note: Yellow & golden stones activate the mind, sacred geometry stones bring structure

Top to Bottom : super 7, purple opal, lapis, blue chalcedony, Purple Fluorite, charoite, tiffany stone, chevron amethyst, rainbow moonstone

Left to Right : grape amethyst/chalcedony, optical calcite, blue calcite, azurite with some malachite, Purple Fluorite, cavansite, lazulite, ametrine, purple tourmaline

Top Left to Bottom Right diagonal : purple agate, shatikite, covellite, hexagonite, papagoite, Purple Fluorite, dumorterite, lepidolite, stichtite, yellow apatite

Bottom Left to Top Right diagonal : angel phantom quartz, phosphosiderite, magnesite, sodalite, Purple Fluorite, purple apatite, lavender kunzite, iolite sunstone, electric blue apatite, sugilite

Other Stones in the Spokes from above the blue calcite and around to the Right, outside stone first : brandberg amethyst, cacoxienite in amethyst, chalcocite, labradorite, purple sapphire, indigo aura quartz, ulexite, purpurite, blue pietersite, blue tourmaline in quartz, iolite, rainbow obsidian, blue or indigo kyanite, blue halite, blue tiger eye, linarite

Throat Chakra

Location • Base of the neck to the top of the neck

Connected to truth, the throat chakra is so much more than communication. Listening is a large part of understanding ourselves and others, which assists us in communicating most effectively. Ultimately, hearing our own inner voice and speaking our truth is the benefit of a connected and balanced throat chakra… with all of the structure of what is below it on the physical plane connected to all that is above it on the spiritual. Here is where we learn to ‘have our own voice’ and share it with the world.

Note: Orange stones can activate an underactive throat chakra

Center line left to right: Cavansite, carnelian, larimar, blue aragonite, blue fluorite, sunstone, Celestine,

Center line top to bottom: Blue jade, gem Chrysocolla (gem silica with quartz), ajoite in quartz, blue aragonite, blue kyanite, lapis lazuli

Bottom left quadrant: dumorteirite, blue smithsonite, aquamarine crystal, chalcanthite, blue chalcedony, blue halite (salt)

Bottom right quadrant: shattikite, sodalite, Amazonite crystal, sapphire, azurite, linarite

Top right quadrant: teal blue Calcite, blue pietresite, blue spinel, Angelite, tourquoise, aqua aura quartz

Top left quadrant: common blue Opal, hemimorphite, blue lace Agate, electric blue apatite, blue tourmaline, magnesite


Heart Chakra

Location • the Middle Dan Tien, at the Heart

The first organ in our body to form, our heart is where we give and receive love, and is additionally associated with touch & all we do with our hands. A strong and muscular organ proven to emit the largest energy field, many see the heart plexus as the truest brain of the body; encompassing all forms of love, compassion, forgiveness, connection, and the ability to “follow your heart”. Healing truly is centered here, for when we love and accept ourselves for the fullness of our being, then all else will fall into place. Genuinely learning to love our self – to extend the same compassion to ourselves as we might show others, to say yes & no to options in our lives that are most in alignment with serving our greatest benefit – these are powerful steps in securing a healthy heart chakra. Love truly does heal all, including us. When we are able to connect deeply to our Self, we are able to connect more deeply to others, and the Divine as well. Nature additionally holds this color ray at its core. Connecting with nature and crystals can truly teach us how to love and connect more deeply with ourselves.

The heart is the center of most chakra systems, and is considered the middle Dan Tien. It balances the energies from below and above, assists this circulation through the body, and allows us to fully open to the unconditional love of the Divine, and the Divine within us. This is the center where we come to fully understanding the connection of matter and the mystery.

Drawing a heart shape starting on the outside from the Center Top towards the Right:
Cobaltoan Calcite, Green Calcite, Mangano Calcite, Ruby in Zoisite, Smithsonite, Peridot, Berry Quartz, Fuchsite, Pink Petalite at base

On the outside from the Center Top towards the Left: Prehnite, Pink Tourmaline, Jade, Uvarovite, Infinite (a softer form of Serpentine), Green Garnet, Emerald, Chrysoprase, Pink Petalite at base

Drawing another heart shape Just Inside from Center towards the Right: Rose Quartz crystals, Chrome Diopside, Rhodonite, Pink Andean Opal, Green “Druidic” Fluorite, Unakite, Moss Agate, Green Opal hugs the top right of the pink petalite base

Just Inside from Center towards the Left: Raw Rhodonite, Chrome-tremolite, Eudialyte, Morganite, Vesuvianite

The pink in the center of the heart towards the right: Pink Mica with Moonstone, Pink Agate, Kunzite, Hiddenite, Fibrous Malachite, Ruby in Fuchsite just above the pink petalite

Inside center up & towards the left, and good luck! Ruby (dark red left of the pink mica), Rhodocrosite, Vivianite, Green Tourmaline (darker outside crystal), Green Kyanite (lighter blade-like crystal), Dioptase

Solar Plexus

Location • midway between the Navel and the base of the Sternum

Seen as our Inner Sun, the Solar Plexus is the seat of our personal empowerment, and is from whence we shine. Our physical connection to Universal Intelligence, here we feel our ‘gut instincts’ and deepest fears. Purifying the past and digesting ideas to energize progress towards mental awareness and spiritual development, this chakra guides us through life by creating a strong sense of self, by learning to set personal boundaries, and by building willpower and self esteem. The ability to bring change into your life and to the world is accessed within this Chakra.

Center Stone: Pyrite Sun

Top to Bottom: golden optical calcite, lepidolite, zincite, purple agate, healerite, pyrite sun, ametrine, golden barite, phosphosiderite, yellow mookaite jasper, charoite

Left to Right: larimar, yellow calcite, kunzite, adamite, golden sphaelerite, pyrite sun, yellow labradorite feldspar, malachite, amethyst, golden selenite, chrysocolla

Lower Left from inside stone outward: natural citrine, pietersite, yellow agate, heated citrine cluster, amber, pyromorphite, brucite, golden topaz, tiger eye, yellow apatite, brazilianite

Lower Right: petrified sand, rhodocrosite, yellow tourmaline, heliodor (golden beryl), ettringite, tsavorite, sulphur, cacoxenite, rutilated quartz, angel phantom quartz (amphibole), lemon quartz

Upper Right: hanksite, honey calcite, libyan glass, yellow mica (muscovite), orpiment, green zincite, yellow precious opal, sphene, green opal, sunshine aura quartz, yellow-green prehnite

Upper Left: datalite, sunshine spirit quartz, serpentine, yellow fluorite, bumble bee jasper, peridot, yellow wulfenite, Oregon sunstone, yellow prehnite, golden feldspar, alabaster

Sacral Plexus

Location • the lower Dan Tien/Dantian, a.k.a. the Belly… lower Abdomen to the Navel

Creativity & Sexuality are the key words for the Sacral chakra, and they are deeply linked. This chakra is at the level of the sexual organs inside the body, so even though the genitalia are in the Root, life force creation comes from and is grown from this chakra. This energy center processes emotions & passion, leading to all types of creative pursuits, including the creation of children.

This is also the seat of the lower Dan Tian in many Eastern traditions. (Dan means the medicine of immortality, tian means field… immortal field. There are 3 Dantiens in our physical body, where many nerve endings come together to create the “brains” of our operation.) This chakra holds our visceral connection to the Divine entering into the body, where the “spark of life” originally occurs in a fetus as the first cells split here. The energy of the organs and meridians of the entire body collect in the lower dan tien, and the stomach, liver, kidney & spleen channels also pass through it. It is our “Fire in the Belly”.

From top to bottom:
Orange Agate slice, Peach Calcite, Sunstone, Orange Calcite, Tangerine Quartz, Wulfenite

From left to right: Chrysocolla, Spessartine Garnet, Sunstone, Amber, Blue Calcite

From top left to bottom right diagonal: Orange Selenite, Orange Kyanite, Golden Feldspar a.k.a. golden Moonstone, Sunstone, Zincite, Mexican Opal, Mexican Opal

From bottom left to top right diagonal: Imperial Topaz, Unakite, Vanadinite, Sunstone, Rainbow Moonstone, Lepidocrocite in Quartz, Crocoite

Root Chakra

Location • at the Perineum and the Hips

We all chose to come here. We are here on this earthly plane, in this body, at this time for a particular reason. To be grounded in this physical reality is to accept our souls’ choice to incarnate on this planet, and manifest our Divine Selves here while having the most basic of our needs met (i.e. family/tribe, food, shelter). This first chakra is our base structure. When we balance & stabilize this chakra, we are able to manifest our needs more readily.

 From top to bottom: Red Agate, Rainbow Jasper, Red Aragonite, center Red Calcite, Almandine Garnet, Sardonyx, Red Tiger Eye 💢

From left to right: Chlorite in Quartz, Hematite in Quartz, Ruby #Sphalerite, center Red Calcite, Tiger Iron Or Mugglestone, drusy Red Quartz (hematite), Serpentine

From top left to bottom right diagonal: Ruby, Green Tourmaline, Ruby in Fuchsite, center Red Calcite, either Onyx or Jet… both great choices, #Zincite

From bottom left to top right diagonal: #Vanadinite, #MossAgate, center Red Valcite, Ruby in Zoiste, Orbicular Jasper, Spinel

I just realized I left Shiva Lingham out. Another wonderful grounding, balancing & activating Root Chakra Stone. So many more too… I hope you find the ones you love.

Grounding Earth Chakra Stones

Location • From the perinium at the base of the hips to 6-12 inches below the Feet

Grounding is of upmost importance. If we aren’t grounded and connected to the earth’s energy, then we won’t be able to dump our excess energy or manifest our needs as well on this physical planet. The more connected we are to the earth plane, the higher we can move energetically.

Earth Chakra stones help us to connect more deeply to our home in this incarnation; including understanding her rhythms, wisdom, fundamental nature, and the Nature Spirits. She connects us to our previous lives and ancient wisdoms. To give attention to this area strengthens our connection to Spirit, since Earth is a physical manifestation of the Divine. When we are grounded to the Earth, life here is more connected and joyous.

Center: #ShivaLingham on an obsidian mirror
From inner to outer, clockwise from the top row: #Ammonite : #Andradite (black garnet) : #PetrifiedWood : Smoky Quartz : Chiastolite (a form of andalusite) : #Marcasite : #FairyCross (aka staurolite) : Onyx : #botryoidal #Hematite : Tiger Iron (aka #mugglestone) : Garnet : #Meteorite : #ChrysanthemumStone : Flint Arrowhead : #blackKyanite : Zircon : Galena : #Sphalerite : Peacock Ore : Black Tourmaline : #Jet : Dravite (brown tourmaline) : Pyrite

The above excerpts are from a book I’m featured in called Harmony in Chakras. Look for more books coming over the next few years!

The above is meant as an informational guide. Crystal and other vibrational therapies are performed as complementary practices to relieve stress and to clear and balance the body’s energy fields. These practices can enhance and strengthen the healing process at all levels, but are not considered medical care by the FDA. It is the responsibility of each individual to seek and utilize a physician’s care when needed. Reference materials include Stone Medicine, Love Is In The Earth, The Crystal Bible, The Book of Stones, and Laurelle’s own collected knowledge after 10 years of experience.  Thank you for visiting.