Crystals and their Healing Properties

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Aquamarine • Emerald • Goshenite • Morganite
Essence, Breaking through Obstacles, Uplifting, New Beginnings, Beauty

Formula: Be3Al2(Si6O18)
Hardness: 7.5-8
Crystal System: Hexagonal
Family/Group: Beryl Group

Full of rainbows that just aren’t showing up in these photos, these stones are excellent for maintaining our essence and beauty, directing it towards our highest good & joy. Beryls assists us to breakthrough obstacles & lift us up. High quality clear pieces are especially good for intention setting & new beginnings. All beryls exceed at supporting our yin & the hormones, and are anti-inflammatory.  They assist the liver & kidneys, and are especially effective for elderly care.

A stone of alchemy, rebirth, and self-realization, they assist us in accomplishing goals with strength & clarity. Often used as stones to beautify the outer self.




Discovering Your Best Interest & Attaining It, Assessing Values & Moving Towards Them, Gentle Energy, Uplifting, Mental Enhancement
Formula: Mg(OH)2
Hardness: 2.5-3
Crystal System: Trigonal
Family/Group: Brucite Group

Having trouble digesting all that is going on in the world — or in your own personal or professional life? As a magnesium hydroxide, Brucite is one of the best crystals for flushing out what no longer serves you (or is not in your best interest) while giving you the energy to discover and assimilate the new coming in. It can also assist you in assessing where you are and what you value most, allowing you to find the best direction to move in for your highest good and happiness.

These rare yellow specimens have a joyful color that uplift, soothe, and fortify your will. They gently allow things to bubble up to the surface to be shifted and are known to absorb depression and negativity while enhancing your decision-making and mood.

Physically Brucite regulates fluids and calcium, clears heat, and opens the crown chakra to subdue wind issues like asthma, anxiety, migraines & headaches, spasms & hyperactivity. Brucite also assists tissue growth, bruising, muscles, cramping, nerve connectivity (neuralgia), ph balance and the immune system. Utilize this wonderful stone to balance and enhance your inner sun, set goals and bring in more positivity! 🌼


Moves Stagnation, Balances Mind & Emotions, Detox, Higher Consciousness & Hope
Formula: CaCO3
Hardness: 3
Crystal System: Trigonal
Family/Group: Calcite Group

Cleansing, balancing and adaptable, colorful calcite brings a gentle movement and flow to stagnant energies… especially in the physical body. This makes calcite especially beneficial for acute physical conditions. They increase our physical energy and connect our emotions and intellect, assisting us to digest & manifest our ideas. Abundant in the Earth, they link us to a higher consciousness and can open us up to psychic experience. These powerful beauties also assist in detoxification, elimination and in releasing addiction… treating unfulfilled desires, loss of purpose and an overly lustful nature. Calming to the mind and emotions, they instill hope & bring clarity. An elixir  of calcite can reduce appetite cravings and assist weightloss. They also make great study aides.

Known as Cold Water Stone in Classical Chinese Stone Medicine, these beauties clear heat to bring coolness within. They assist bones to absorb calcium while also assuring decalcification through chelation when needed. They are especially good for supporting the stomach & heart.

Chalcanthite, Natural

Opens the Throat & Third Eye, Releases Limiting Emotions, Goal-Setting, Flow
Formula: CuSO4 · 5H2O
Hardness: 2.5
Crystal System: Triclinic

Family/Group: Chalcanthite Group

These natural chalcanthite crystals open and activate the throat chakra, move us beyond feelings of abandonment or restraint, and assist us in making choices to further our goals. Great for this new Saturn retrograde in Capricorn lasting through 9/18/19.
Chalcanthite additionally assist with arthritis, free radicals & reproductive system issues. Natural crystals are delicate and sensitive to moisture, which in turn helps us to move beyond limiting emotions, especially when handled with care. They are sulfur and oxygen rich, which assists us with digestion of ideas, letting things flow, and in retaining warmth to insulate us from a loss of yang.

It is more common to find lab-grown chalcanthite than naturally formed calcanthite as the crystals are larger and more sturdy from a lab… however working with the natural mineral when you can find it is far superior as it has the wisdom of being grown naturally within the earth. If you connect to this mineral and cannot find the natural variety, I still recommend working with it, as the mineral and crystalline structure are still present and can be helpful in working towards the above goals. <3


Balances the Brain, Soothes the Emotions, Nourishing, Restructuring
Formula: Ca,F2
Hardness: 4
Crystal System: Isometric/Cubic
Family/Group: Fluorite Group

Fluorite balances our brain, soothes our emotions, and brings us to our most nourishing self. It connects the heart & mind to the intelligence of the body, and realigns & restructures anything growing out of order. This makes it a very handy healing tool (used for tumor growths, mental issues, emotional balancing,, as anything that needs restructuring in the body, mind, emotions or spirit has a crystal ally in Fluorite.

Dissolving fixed patterns of behavior and revealing truths, it gently opens the door to the subconscious and brings suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution. Fluorite additionally heightens intuitive powers, and is beneficial for studying and retaining information. Linking to the universal mind, it promotes unbiased impartiality.

A highly protective crystal, it helps to discern when outside influences are affecting you in an undue way. It cleanses and stabilizes your aura, and is effective against emf’s & geomagnetic stress. It draws off negative energies, cleanses, purifies, dispels, and assists with disorganization and focus.  

Green Fluorite (like Smokey Quartz) reconnects our energy field to the energy of the earth, allowing us to dump excess energies like anxiety & stress to the Earth for transformation.



Reminds us things aren’t as heavy as they seem, absorbs negativity, lightly grounding
Formula: Carbon-rich Native Element
Hardness: 2.5-4
Crystal System: Amorphous
Family/Group: Native Element

Ah, Jet!  One of my favorite stones that isn’t a stone at all. Technically an organic or native element, there are many ways to describe it’s formation… my version is that Jet is driftwood, compressed in rich mud, and petrified over time. The geology website says “it’s a minor gemstone formed from the high-pressure decomposition of wood, often from the Araucariaceae family of trees”.

Jet grounds us by reminding us that things aren’t as heavy as we think they are. It is protective by absorbing heat & negativity of all types, including being one of the best for healing headaches and stress. It additionally removes stagnation and allows us to let go. According to Classical Chinese Medicine , it absorbs unhealthy Qi and teaches us how to stand up to the world. Beneficial for tendonitis, cramps, allergies, nervousness, sciatica, emf protection, insomnia, epilepsy, migraines (especially when paired with Lapis Lazuli), and grief.

I hope this grid eases your personal weight! 💖


Magic, Mysticism, Looking Beyond the Surface, Journey Stone, Transformation
Formula: (Ca, Na)[Al(Al,Si)Si2O8]
Hardness: 6-6.5
Crystal System: Triclinic

Family/Group: Feldspar

Labradorite assists us to look beyond the surface in order to find the beauty within. It helps to bring out our natural warmth and intuitive nature. A wonderful journey stone that will keep you safe and protected while allowing you to open up to the magical and mystical in life. ✨

Labradorite can additionally assists detox, arthritis, scoliosis, hypertension, UTIs, circulation, menstral pain, blood stagnation, cysts, menopause & sinus pressure.


Repatterning our relationships to self and others.  Affects us to our marrow.
Formula: Cu2(Co3)(OH)2
Hardness: 3.5-4
Crystal System: Monoclinic
Family/Group: Copper Mineral

Malachite is considered a stone of good fortune, in part because it assists our body and spirit in such a profound way. It strengthens our heart and solar plexus connection, linking our upper and lower chakras. It assists us to repattern our core relationships so we might counteract any destructive tendencies, leading us to set stronger boundaries of loving ourselves & in turn others. It assists us through changes and transitions of all kinds.

Physically, malachite not only mends our bones, it penetrates to the marrow while purifying our blood. It regulates movement, and the water content conducts & retains energy. This assists irregularities in the body like our heartbeat, blood pressure, and menstruation, all while assisting us to release pathologies. It is a purifier that affects us on a core level.

Mirrors of each other, these two quartz provide many of the same energies, yet can also work in very different ways for healing and intention-setting in various situations. For instance, clusters are known to work with group or family energies while a single crystal point assists us in focusing on ourselves.Take a moment to ponder for yourself how else they may be similar or different.


aka Clear Quartz, Rock Crystal, Quartz Cluster, Quartz Point
Master Healer, Magnifies Energies, Intention-Setting, Works with All Chakras & Issues
Formula: SiO2
Hardness: 7.5-8        
Crystal System: Trigonal

Family/Group: Quartz

Quartz is a Master Healer, and magnifier of energy. It’s natural piezoelectric and pyroelectric nature creates a subtle energy flow when activated with heat, pressure or light, and is hence used in computers, watches, medical technologies, etc. (It is even being considered as the next phase of digital data storage.) Quartz energizes, clears, cleanses & brings clarity. It works on the spiritual body, and connects us with guidance and the spiritual realm, bringing that energy into our field to align us. It aligns thought, emotions and consciousness.

Clear quartz additionally absorbs, stores, releases & regulates energy, and will work with you in any way you ask it to. This means that clear quartz amplifies our intentions, and is the ultimate stone for goal setting and is a great substitute if you don’t happen to have a particular stone that youd like to work with. It clears, cleanses & rejuvenates, supports the nervous system, enhances clarity, and aids communication with guidance and nature spirits. It balances and strengthens the energy field according to the user, and can bring us to an altered state of consciousness. A  wonderful meditation stone, it is best to use this stone with the intent of the highest good, as is somewhat true for all crystals.

 Quartz additionally stimulates the immune system, connects the Lungs and Kidneys, increases energy, regulates and clears heat in the blood, strengthens the spleen, soothes burns, and harmonizes all of the chakras and subtle energy bodies.

Quartz with Hematite

aka Hematite Quartz, Red Quartz, Hematite in Quartz
Activates the Root Chakra, Grounds, Empowers, Manifestation, Vibrancy
Formula: SiO2+ Fe2O3
Hardness: 7.5-8
Crystal System: Trigonal
Family/Group: Quartz

Hematite Quartz combines the energies of hematite with quartz. Hematite alone grounds us so much that we are able to reach higher heights, all while protecting us and strengthening our self worth. Quartz alone is a master healer and magnifier of energy.
Hematite Quartz connects our root chakra to our crown chakra to manifest our highest dreams and desires. It keeps us grounded as we bring in higher frequencies.
Plus it’s just beautiful! These deep reds hold the vibrancy of life it self.


Heals all types of Bruises, Emotional Balance, Movement, tonifies, Heart Chakra
Formula: Mn2+SiO3 often with traces of Ca, Mg, and Fe
Hardness: 5.5-6.5          Specific Gravity: 3.57-3.76
Crystal System: Triclinic         
Family/Group:  Rhodonite Group

Here is a loving crystal grid of Rhodonite for you!
A manganese mineral that heals bruises of all kinds and brings in emotional balance, rhodonite has a warm moving quality that tonifies our energy; especially in the heart, lungs & spleen. Clearing & activating for these areas, it assists us to reclaim our gifts and encourages us to use these gifts for the benefit of our community. Through this process we realize our own uniqueness in order to fulfill our life purpose. Rhodonite supports weightloss, detox, and purification; quiets fears, anxiety & phobias; and even acts as an antihistamine for allergies. The mineral is formed to seal holes in the earth, and is therefore used for non-healing wounds, and to mend bones.

Rhodonite additionally assists digestion, menopause, MS, Parkinson’s, neuropathy, autoimmune disorders, leukemia, fibroids, rigidity, life’s challenges and the heart chakra.


Alignment, Connection to Guides, Protection, Inner LIght, Intuition
Formula: CaSO4•2H2O
Hardness: 3.5-4
Crystal System: Monoclinic
Family/Group: Gypsum Group

I like to call Selenite the #Lightworkers tool. Named after the moon Goddess Selene, it’s light shines from within. Selenite aligns and centers us, cleanses our energy field, sutures holes in the aura, connects us to our Highest Guidance and intuition, strengthens our connection to our true spirit self, and helps us to shine our Inner Light! When we connect with our guides, we are also protected. Used as a wand to cleanse and clear energy fields, it is invaluable to those who work with #stonemedicine.💗

Snow Quartz

aka Milky Quartz, White Quartz, Quartsite
Connecting to Inner Wisdom, Cleanser, Intention-Setting, Meditation Stone
Formula: SiO2
Hardness: 7.5-8
Crystal System: Trigonal
Family/Group: Quartz

A Master Healer & Magnifier of Energy – Quartz gives and receives information, and will therefore work with us in any way we ask it to. This makes it an excellent healing and intention setting stone.  It’s piezoelectric nature generates an electrical charge when put under pressure, and this is the main reason it is used in computers, medical equipment and more. Since the human body has an electrical nature itself, there are many helpful applications for this crystal.

These snow quartz clusters bring a slightly softer and more soothing energy than clear quartz, while assisting us to connect to our deep inner wisdom. They assist us to manage our responsibilities and to think before we speak, while additionally strengthening lung function.

Clusters are amazingly effective in influencing families or groups to work together cohesively; and for cleansing & clearing a chakra, your environment, or other stones.


often found with Serpentine, when it is aka Atlantisite
Flexibile Mind and Body, Calming, Expanding Consciousness, Increases Joy and Peace, Forgiveness, Raises our Kundalini, Moving beyond Lonliness to Live in our truest Self
Formula: Mg6Cr3+2(OH)16[CO3] · 4H2O
Hardness: 1.5-2
Crystal System: Trigonal
Family/Group: Hydrotalcite Supergroup

Stichtite softens our energy—both body and mind. Calming our nerves and lightly expanding our consciousness, it brings the shifts needed to move beyond our current paradigm and live in accordance with our truest Spirit Self so we may greater fulfill our mission in this lifetime. This mineral infuses us with greater joy, peace and wisdom, strengthening our love and compassion and lightly activating our whole body and mindset towards ascension. It brings greater flexibility into our lives and helps us to realize our eternal beauty.

A stone of forgiveness for self and others, it opens and expands any chakra it is placed upon, and moves us beyond depression, disappointment, loneliness or feelings of isolation. Specifically, stichtite stimulates our third eye and opens our crown to receive enlightened information from above, especially in the realms of the Pleiadean concepts and ideals which were popular during the time of Atlantis and are having a resurgence today. It brings energy down through the midline to activate our Kundalini at the root chakra and move it up through the heart, mind, crown and Spirit Chakra (or Soul Star) in order to create a constant connection with these higher frequencies. It is also a regenerative mineral that increases skin elasticity and brings more peaceful healing light in and through your whole physical body. When coupled with Serpentine it is especially wonderful for raising the kundalini and connecting us to the  Wisdom of the Earth as well as Cosmic Consciousness.

Sunshine Spirit Quartz

aka Golden Spirit Quartz, Yellow Spirit Quartz
Connection to Spirit Guides & Divine Will, Cleanser, Abundance, Clarity
Formula: SiO2 with Iron Staining
Hardness: 7.5-8
Crystal System: Trigonal
Family/Group: Quartz

I’ve dubbed these sparking beauties “Sunshine” Spirit Quartz! ☀️
Found only in one pocket, these Spirit Quartz have a natural Iron Patina on them, creating a beautiful sunshine color & affect. Spirit Quartz refers to a particular growth pattern of quartz only found in Boekenhouthoek, South Africa. A single crystal point grows upwards, while many tiny crystals grow all around the sides. When the crystals around the sides are smaller they are known as Fairy Quartz

Spirit Quartz is a natural abundance generator… connecting us to our Spirit Guides while cleansing and clearing our entire energy field. This brings more light and clarity into our auric field which in turn draws others towards us, creating many possibilities for abundance. When we we are connected to our guides we are protected, aligned, and able to shine our true light more fully. The iron coating additionally strengthens & protects us while infusing self worth & empowerment … assisting us to bring our dreams into reality. Plus the sunshine sheen brightens our day & mood, illuminates our mind, and warms us on the inside like the suns rays.💫


Abundance Consciousness, Strength, Expanded Heart Awareness
Formula: Ca3Cr2(SiO4)3
Hardness: 6.5-7
Crystal System: Isometric
Family/Group: Garnet

This is one of my favorite stones! Rich & beautiful Uvarovite Garnet brings strength, security, structure & expanded awareness into our heart. With all of those sparkles it cleanses & clears our energy to imbue an abundance consciousness within us, brings forward our most sparkling self, and also brings the fairies out to play! Used with intention, Uvarovite assist us to attract our soul mate.

Supporting the relationship between the liver and kidneys Uvarovite quells anger and fear, and clears phlegm, empty heat and dampness while nourishing the blood.  It assists asthma, digestion, fatigue, wandering pain, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, panic, paranoia, detox, inflammation,leukemia, heat during menopause, and frigidity. Uvarovite additionally brings vitality, contentment, inner peace, and self-confidence.

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The above is meant as an informational guide. Crystal and other vibrational therapies are performed as complementary practices to relieve stress and to clear and balance the body’s energy fields. These practices can enhance and strengthen the healing process at all levels, but are not considered medical care by the FDA. It is the responsibility of each individual to seek and utilize a physician’s care when needed. Reference materials include Stone Medicine, Love Is In The Earth, The Crystal Bible, The Book of Stones, and Laurelle’s own collected knowledge after 10 years of experience.  Thank you for visiting.