Crystal Healing Certification Course
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•Experience the power of Crystals when used for Healing
•Identify & Learn over 40 stones, with access to hundreds to feel in The Faerie Den
•Learn & Practice key Crystal Healing techniques while incorporating the Core Essence of Crystal Healing
free Crystal Chakra Kit or Crystal Meditation Journey included
•Limited to 6 attendees for in person workshops

This Immersive, Semi-Private course covers many aspects of working with Crystals…
including opening to subtle energies, the science behind crystal healing, identification & application of a large variety of stones & crystal “families”, hands on training in various Crystal Healing techniques used throughout modern & ancient traditions, insights to gain deeper healings, opening to your inner healer, working remotely, basic client & crystal care, and so much more.
•Expert support and guidance while you incorporate Crystal Healing into your life or practice•
•25 page booklet to take home with you for further study & retention•
Requirement : Give 10 Crystal Healings within 3 months of the class for certification

Upcoming Courses:
February Weekend Intensive • 2/26/21 – 2/28/21 • Fri 6-9, Sat & Sun 11am-6pm
March Weekend Intensive • 3/26/21 – 3/28/21
• Fri 6-9, Sat & Sun 11am-6pm

Tuesday 4/27, Thursday 4/29 & Saturday 5/1/21
12pm-7pm eastern standard time


Full Course, Crystal Chakra Kit (or Crystal Meditation download for virtual attendees), 25 page Booklet, Facebook Alumni Page Support, plus 60-90 minutes post consultation & Certification • $425

Laurelle has been teaching this course in small class sizes since 2017.
Over 50 people have graduated from the course.

Workshop Testimonials
“Laurelle is my teacher in so many ways. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge, and I learn something from her every time we talk. I feel like I finally found someone who is fluent in the language that I wish to speak!”
Maryl Hosking • Brooklyn, Sag Harbor and Long Distance Sessions

Certified Crystal Healer through The Faerie Den ••• Reiki Master • Tao Geomancy Consultant • Crystal Grid Creatrix

“Laurelle is one of my favorite teachers and I tell everyone I meet about her. In every one of her classes she has a real way of presenting a whole lot of information in a very short period of time, giving us a well-rounded class but also catering to specific interests and questions of the unique individuals that vary in every gathering. Her intense knowledge base not only comes from years of study but also her personal experiences through her work. This inspired balance comes through in each class because not only are we given the opportunity to hear a true maven speak eloquently about the characteristics of specific stones but then also get the opportunity to have our own inner learning experience by holding and meditating with the stones and then co-sharing with the group. As a student, I always leave with insight, awareness, community, and tools to take home with to further study crystal-wisdom in the unlimited ways that my hearts feel called to. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to study with someone that so obviously cares deeply about what she does and loves to share that with others. It makes my heart sing and makes learning a true joy!”
Lyfty Sirena • Brooklyn

Certified Crystal Healer through The Faerie Den ••• Performer with La Sphinx

“Laurelle has a wealth of knowledge about all things crystals. There is so much information on this topic that it can be overwhelming, but Laurelle has a way of making key information memorable. I love her lack of rigidity in her teachings and how she empowers her students and clients to follow their intuition. I am so grateful that the Universe brought me to her amazing crystal shop, The Faerie Den. I could not have asked for a better teacher, mentor, and friend. If you have any interest in crystals I could not recommend her classes and shop more.”

Jenny Skripko • Manhattan, Bergen County NJ, Long Distance Sessions

Certified Crystal Healer through The Faerie Den ••• Intuitive Holistic Healer and Energy Worker, Simply Craving Health

“I had the honor to experience teaching from Laurelle with her Crystal Healing Certification Weekend Intensive Course. The weekend was most certainly intense, packed with beneficial knowledge and very powerful. Each day in attendance I was infused more and more with intrinsic information on all sorts of crystals familiar and unfamiliar. We discovered many unique ways on how to work with crystals and I really enjoyed the hands on practice with our fellow crystal healer classmates. I was able to apply techniques and the extensive resources provided immediately after training in my daily spiritual routine as well as in my business. I am able to open up an entire new menu of services to my clients thanks to Laurelle and I foresee an amazing journey not only for myself but the many healing benefits I can now provide to clients with the world of gemstones and crystals. Another great take away from my weekend intensive training was the purchase of Laurelle’s book “Connecting with Crystals”. The book is just AWESOME–very straight forward with information on crystals for the scientific as well as the spiritual aspect. It makes a nice addition to my library of resources. Last but not very least at all, I give gratitude to faeries at the Faerie Den, such a magical space!”

Felicia Jones • Long Island and Long Distance Sessions

Faerie Den Crystal Healing Certification graduate ••• Reiki Master and Teacher • Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach • Tarot and Oracle Reader, Spiritual Goddess Influencer