Connecting with Crystals – on Zoom!

If you have your own crystals, or would like to pick a few up before the workshop, this can be an excellent alternative if you are concerned about an in person class or if you live out of town.

Experience connecting to the subtle energies of stones, to intuit which crystals provide which energies, and get some basic scientific reasons for why the stones work and which stones will work for which issues. We’ll journey with the crystals, learn about cleansing and charging, and more. Get all your questions about working with stones answered, including how crystals can help us open to our own innate intuitive wisdom.

Sunday 11/8/20 • 2-6pm • $25 • Zoom Video
No Crystals sent for this online event. Just grab a crystal or two and join us!

This workshop has been offered over 30 times at venues such as The Edgar Cayce Center NYC; Awakening NY in Greenpoint Brooklyn; Earth Tribe Yoga in San Francisco; Lyons Love in Lyons CO; The Mystic Garden music festival in Saugerties NY; The Crystal Connection in Wurtsboro NY; and The Faerie Den in NYC.

Workshop Testimonials

“Laurelle’s Connecting With Crystals Workshop is wonderful — a great way to start or deepen the study of stone and crystal treasures that invoke healing and empowerment. Laurelle is a fantastic teacher. I love how she meets every participant exactly where they are, encouraging us to access our own intuition about the crystal journey. I took the workshop the day before undergoing a daunting health procedure, and felt that the work we did with the crystals and stones was a powerful preparation. I was able to hold onto the beautiful energy that was invoked and take it with me. I’m very grateful that Laurelle is called to share her passion and love for crystals with us. She is a total delight.”

Walker Jones

Actor and musician, NYC, AEA

“I learned so much from Laurelle! She brought me from being someone who was merely interested in crystals, to being someone who feels confident about working with them. This change came about after her instruction, knowledge and wisdom.”

Laurel Weber

Strategic Quest Solutions