The Essentials of Essential Oils

•Experience and meditate with many Essential Oils first hand•
•Learn about the 8 families of oils, and how to safely use them in your everyday life•
•Incorporate some of the history & science from a certified Essential Oil teacher•
Seating limited to 9 when held at The Faerie Den


A sensation for your nose and a great stress reliever, this workshop gives you the opportunity to experience many essential oils first hand. We start by meeting some of the oils through meditation, learn about the history and science behind their affectivness, and then move on to a basic overview of the groups or “families” of essential oils and how each group is best utilized for various issues. We will also cover the connection between scents & emotions, review basic safety information, learn about carrier oils and different ways to use them, and even how the oils can help you connect to your own intuitive wisdom. In short, you will learn to incorporate natures medicinals safely & effectively into your everyday life.
•4 to 16 hour courses available•


Laurelle is a certified Essential Oils teacher through David Crow & Floracopeia.

She teaches on this subject approximately once a year, or by request.

Private and semi-private classes are also available by contacting her at 917-406-0225

The Faerie Den
West 55th Street • NYC